J-200™ Classic Collection

J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi invites you to experience the J-200™ collection, a quality line built upon the same foundation that has earned the Jacuzzi® Brand its stellar global reputation. The stylish J-200™ collection emphasizes affordability, yet delivers surprisingly impressive standard features, including led lighting, stainless steel jet design, the optional BlueWaVe™ spa stereo system and other innovative features. The J-200™ collection is guaranteed to exceed your expectations at an unbeatable price.

J-280 - J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Seats: 6-7 Adults | Jets: 44

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J-275 - J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Seats: 6 Adults | Jets: 45

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J-245 - J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Seats: 7 Adults | Jets: 35

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J-235 - J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Seats: 6 Adults | Jets: 35

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J-210 - J-200 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Seats: 4 Adults | Jets: 19

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