J-300™ Signature Collection

J-300 Jacuzzi Spas

Imagine the difference a J-300™ Signature Collection hot tub will make in your life. Find refuge from the pressures of work, take a break, or rejuvenate in the company of family and friends. Though it’s our best-selling line, we’ve updated each design, bringing innovation to the J-300 collection to make it even better. With 8 exclusive powerpro jet types,led lighting and other high-performance features, the J-300 collection showcases the quality consumers expect from the Jacuzzi Brand. That excellence is expressed in the J-300’s performance, ease of use and maintenance. The new J-300 collection is Jacuzzi Brand quality and performance defined.

J-385 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 6-7 Adults | Jets: 49

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J375 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 6 Adults | Jets: 50

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J-365 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 6-7 Adults | Jets: 44

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J-355 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 5-6 Adults | Jets: 42

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J-345 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 5-6 Adults | Jets: 39

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J-335 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 5 Adults | Jets: 40

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J-325 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 4-5 Adults | Jets: 21

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J-315 - J-300 Jacuzzi Spas


Seats: 2-3 Adults | Jets: 21

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