Construction Process

There are many moving parts throughout the pool construction process, and it takes communication, dedication and attention to detail to make it all run smoothly. The Pool & Spa Place has been building vinyl-liner pools since 1985 and has the experience to construct your backyard poolscape with ease.

When we come to your house to begin pool construction, we want you to know what to expect. From the pool construction crew to machinery to many moving parts and pieces, your backyard will be bustling. We take pride in the efficiency in which we construct our vinyl-liner pools and look forward to bringing our expertise to your backyard.

Contact us today to learn more about how The Pool & Spa Place can help design and construct your backyard dream.

The Wall System - Cranbury Pool Builder

The Wall System

The Pool & Spa’s modular walls are sturdy and durable. High-impact polystyrene is foamed under carefully controlled conditions to form modules with uniform cellular structure and thick, tough skin. Each
tiny cell acts as a closed-box beam, joining with neighboring cells to create the flexing strength needed for buried structures. These Polymer foam walls offer long term value because, unlike other materials, they cannot rust, corrode, rot, crack or splinter. In addition, they offer higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. And, they are even more stable than concrete.
The Joing System - Cranbury Pool Builder

The Joint System

Our pool systems are engineered for long-term structural integrity over the lifetime of the pool. In fact, all panels are joined by a system of 5 stud-and-pocket structures that are automatically
precision-aligned as the panels are put into place. Non-corrosive, stainless steel fasteners then join the panels together as a durable unit.
The Bracing System - Cranbury Pool Builder

The Bracing System

There is no stronger, more functional brace in the industry than ours. Fastened at the 5 stud-and-socket locations, our brace features a wide rear-stabilizing pad that uses backfill pressure to keep walls plumb and
straight. A polymer stake provides added support in most conditions, but in very rocky soil, a heavy steel drive stake may be used. The top bar of the polymer brace is designed at an angle to align with the proper drainage slope of decks.
The Coping System - Cranbury Pool Builder

The Coping System

Additional system rigidity is provided by our carefully engineered coping system. Designed to act as part of an integral pool unit, this system will enhance the stiffness and long-term durability of our pools.