Frequently Asked Questions

swimming pool maintenance
The Pool & Spa Place answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers. Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

How soon after shocking can I swim in my pool?

If you are using Smart Shock, wait 15 min. For any other type of shock treatment, wait 8 hours.

What type of algaecide should I use if I have a waterfall or spillover spa feature?

Algae All 60 is the product to use because it is a non foaming algaecide.

How do I set up the manual vacuum?

First, make sure the pump and filter are ON. Connect the vacuum pole to the vacuum head. Prime the vacuum hose (submerge one end of the hose in the pool – place the other end in front of a return). Hold the one end submersed until all of the air is out of the hose and it is filled with water. Place the vacuum plate inside the skimmer box over the skimmer basket. Connect 1 end of the hose to the vac head and the other end of the hose to the vac plate inside the skimmer. All debris will now be vacuumed into the filter. Extend the pole to other side of pool and slowly pull towards you. Slowly move up & down the pool perimeter. After completion, backwash & rinse the filter.

* If you want to vacuum the debris directly out of the pool (this is usually done when pool is extremely green and dirty) shut the filter off, set the filter handle to waste (clockwise always), put filter back on, continue to vac. Pool will drain quickly when using this method so leave the garden hose running in the pool. You may have to stop, let the pool refill to middle of the skimmer and then return to vacuuming.

How many hours should the pump & filter be running each day?

The ideal is 24 hours a day throughout the pool season. The minimum is 8-12 hours a day (during daylight hours) *Remember, it’s cheaper to run the filter than to purchase chemicals. Pool filtration is the best way to keep the pool clean

How often should I test the pool water?

At home test once a week with test strips. Bring a water sample to The Pool & Spa Place water lab station at least once a month.

How often should the filter media be cleaned?

For sand & DE filters, clean the media at the beginning of the pool season and perhaps once more during the swim season with Kleen It and or Strip Kwik. For cartridge filters, clean every 4 weeks. Pools with an existing algae problem should have the filter chemically cleaned after treatment for algae. Soft Swim/Baquacil Biguanide pools should be cleaned every six weeks.

The pump is not priming & the water flow into the basket is slow or non-existent. What can I do?

Perform a self priming test. Shut the filter off. Open the pump pot. Makes sure the O-ring is lubricated and the lid is on properly. Start the pump. The pump should prime itself. If not, use your garden hose to force water through the plumbing lines. Run the hose into the pump pot for approximately 3-5 minutes. Then go to the skimmer at the side of the pool and do the same procedure, run the garden hose down into the skimmer for 3-5 minutes.

How often should I backwash the filter?

Backwash the filter when the pressure gauge reaches 8-10 psi above the “normal reading”. The “normal reading” differs for each pool but can be classified as the number on the gauge when the filter is working at prime condition (typical range is 15-18 psi but will be higher if the heater is turned on). Always backwash the filter after vacuuming, remember to go to rinse for 10 seconds after backwashing and always turn the multiport handle clockwise only.

My pool has been cloudy for a while. How can I correct this problem?

First, have the pool water tested at The Pool & Spa Place Lab. If the water is balanced, use Power Floc.

I am having a recurring algae problem. What are some methods to make sure that this will not happen again?

First, make sure the water is balanced. Follow the 3 step program. If the algae keeps re-appearing, brush the walls and use a double dose shock & Banish treatment to kill the visible algae. Run the pump & filter continuously, for 24 hours a day, until algae disappears. Vacuum dead algae to waste. Backwash the filter.

I have bubbles in the pool. What is causing this issue and what can I do to prevent it?

If it’s foaming, check the pH, balance to a proper reading (7.4 to 7.6). Make sure you are using the correct algaecide for your pool. (Algae all 60). If you have air bubbles, check to make sure the pump is primed. Check the seal & O-ring on the pump lid, making sure it is lubricated and secured tightly. Check the water level in the pool (should not be too high/too low).

My heater pilot light is not staying lit. What can I do?

Backwash the filter. If that does not work, call the service department. If you have a DE filter, hose off the grids as they may be clogged with DE Powder.

I cannot keep a chlorine count for more than a week. What should I do?

Bring a water sample to the store so a chlorine demand test can be performed. Make sure you are using chemicals from a 3 step program. Run the filter 24 hours a day. Clean your filter with Kleen It and/or Strip Kwik.

Metals are present in my tap water. What do I do?

If you are re-filling the pool use the Slimebag to filter out metals from the garden hose. *Do not shock the pool until metals have been removed. Bring a sample of water to The Pool & Spa Place Lab for testing. Follow our recommendation. Use Scale Inhibitor to keep the metals from falling out of solution and staining the pool surface. Use Pool Magnet & Sparkle Up to remove existing metals.