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Introducing the Jacuzzi 500 Series………………… State of the Art Meets the State of Relaxation

J500_0543As Jacuzzi dealers we’re used to seeing some type of innovation with each new model year, but what Jacuzzi has brought to the table in 2015 has taken the hot tub to a whole new level. The introduction of the J-500 created quite a buzz and we couldn’t wait to get one on our showroom floor. It’s finally here and we are impressed, really impressed. Modern design, unparalleled hydro massage and cutting edge technology come together seamlessly in the new J-500 series from Jacuzzi.

First, we love the wider variety of seating provided in the J585 and J575, allowing a perfect fit for people of all heights. Also, only on J-500, is the PowerPro FX Medium directional jet which concentrates a stream of pulsing water working deep into your hip muscles completing a therapy seat that provides a full body massage from neck to feet.

It was immediately evident that J-500 looks like no other hot tub we’ve seen before. The Curvalux exterior combines maintenance free durability with a sleek elegant design. The skirt was actually molded from high end outdoor furniture for a sophisticated, seamless look. This hot tub even has exterior lighting, yup another first. It’s integrated right into the skirt, creating an incredible wow factor.

The lighting gets even better inside the J-500. ProEdge interior illumination is customizable. Featuring 7 colors and 3 intensity levels this hot tub’s perimeter lighting and illuminated dual waterfalls allow you to set any mood. Relaxation, romance or party – create the atmosphere with the push of a button.

Actually, with the J-500 there are no buttons. Touch screen technology has made its hot tub debut. The J-500’s ProTouch control is the first in the industry to integrate glass touch screen controls on a hot tub, but the convenience and doesn’t end there. Yup, there’s an app for that. The ProLink app allows you to control your hot tub from anywhere in the world. Choose your lighting, fire up the jets and set your temp before leaving work and come home to the ultimate mood adjuster.